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5K and a Huge Milestone

When I signed up to run the 5K with my 9 year old daughter I didn’t think it was a big deal. I knew it would be hard because I hadn’t trained and it’s been over 6 years since I have been able to run. But, when your daughter asks you to be her running buddy, you do it!

It was hard and I ached all over, especially mile 2 that was all uphill. But, I was so excited to actually be involved with one of my daughters and fully immersed in an activity that she enjoys.  After the past few years of missing out in my kids lives because of illness, it felt amazing to jump back in and be present.

The entire next day I felt like I was in a car accident. Some of it had to do with the stocking of shelves I had to do for 7 hours at work after the run, but it was pretty painful. It’s day 3 after the race and finally my muscles feel okay but my hips still hurt.

The added bonus to running with my 9 year old and supporting her was the emotion I felt after I finished. I wasn’t expecting the feeling of accomplishment. It was such a surprise to me. I thought back at how far I’ve come since my brain surgery and realized what a huge accomplishment it really was to have completed the 5K. It’s been years since I’ve run and I had completed it…without dying or needing medical attention. It’s real! My body really is healing.

This year has been a huge turnaround for me. In February it will be my 3rd Brain-aversary and JUST this year is when I have started to feel normal. And, more than that, I have actually felt healthy. I’m sure that some of it is because of the Celiac Disease diagnosis and now being gluten free for the past 7 months. I’m well on my way.

Stay tuned since I have had elevated C-reactive Protein results and my doctor now thinks I have another autoimmune disease that is yet to be diagnosed. Hopefully all will be well and I won’t be the girl that collects diseases.