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Valentine’s Accordian Card

This is one of the cutest things I have come across. Although it takes some time to do, it is totally worth it. I can’t wait to send these to my niece and nephews. You can use as many different prints of paper, stickers and embellishments that you want.  Here are the materials that I used per card:

3 pieces of cardstock 8″ x 8″

2 piece of cardstock 4.5″ x 4.5″

5 different colors/prints of scrapbook paper cut into 4″ x 4″ squares and then some cut diagonally from there into triangles ( I had 2 squares and 12 triangles)

assorted stickers and embellishments

Photos that will be cut/cropped to fit into a 4″ x 4″ space

Ribbon to tie around the card

Name tag to secure to front

Glue, Mounting squares, scissors, paper cutter


You may be able to find 8×8 and 4×4 cardstock and paper, but I cut mine down to size as my first step.


Fold the 8×8 cardstock in half lengthwise and then unfold.


Then fold the cardstock in half width wise and unfold.


Then fold the cardstock diagonally one way and unfold. Do not fold it diagonally again. Do this to all 3 of the 8×8 cardstock pieces.


Yes, I switched colors of the paper I was using since I thought it would be easier to understand with different colors. Also, I took random pictures and didn’t think about it. 🙂

Match up the corners of 2 of the 8×8 cardstock pieces and glue down. Grab the 3rd piece and glue it to the other side corner. Now you have your full accordion card ready to decorate.

Fold it up and make sure everything is secure. The first two points that are green fold inward or towards you and the middle points fold outward or away from you.



Glue the 4×4 squares one on each end and then the triangles alternating patterns all over the card. I ended up leaving on the two square spaces in the middle of the card blank so I could put a photo in that spot.


After gluing down the square and triangle shaped papers inside the card, glue the 4.5″ cardstock squares to the outside of the card to cover the ends. Now you can decorate with stickers and embellishments.  I will leave a couple of spots without stickers, etc. so I can write a message inside too.


Secure the card with ribbon tied into a bow after you are finished. I even added a name tag to it since I am making 3 and sending them in the same package.  You can decorate the name tag all fancy too.


They are so adorable! Here is another finished card I did.


I got this idea from the video below.


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Fall & Thanksgiving Wreath

I love these mesh wreaths lately. They are so easy to make and absolutely adorable and with Michael’s coupons they are pretty cheap to make too!

The 2 pack of gold mesh was cheaper than buying one with the sale going on…SCORE!


You’ll need the metal wreath frame, approximately $3, colored mesh in appropriate colors, on sale you can get them for $5 each, ribbon or decor to go with the theme of your wreath.


I was pretty disappointed to find out that there were no more Thanksgiving decorations or Fall decor at Michael’s and it’s only November 16th. I was told they had to make room for the Christmas decor. Disappointing.

I happened to have a whole lot of ribbon and some Fall foliage that I can incorporate into the Fall/Thanksgiving wreath since I have every craft item you could imagine in my garage (hence the concussion from previous post).

Gather the mesh and take twisty ties or pipe cleaner to attach to the outside part of the metal wreath form.


Then gather another bunch and attach to the inner part of the metal wreath form.

Alternate back and forth with just one color. Don’t worry that it looks sparse since it will start to fill in when you start with the 2nd color and even more so with the decor you will add in.  With the 2nd color I start with the inside of the wreath so it’s the opposite of the 1st color.


It will start looking nice and full.  Add in your decor securing with your twisty ties or pipe cleaner. If you need to fluff out the mesh, that’s the great part of this mesh stuff.

That’s it! It’s so easy and beautiful.20151117_152444


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Summer Solution: Too many cups

With summer looming, I was thinking about all those extra dishes and pretty much everything being left out by my four kiddos. It can get pretty messy and cluttered around this joint. I’ve seen a pin on Pinterest before that is similar to what I’m putting together, but of course I didn’t pin it at the time. So, pretty much it’s lost in Pinterest outer space. The project is a designated place to put your cup so that you keep reusing the same one instead of setting it down and grabbing a new one every time you need a drink of water. I’ve actually wanted to do this for a long time and the bonus of not working at the moment is going through my Pinterest boards and choosing crafts to do. Yippee! So, the pin I’ve seen is tiles glued on top of wood and you can customize it with paint or stickers or whatever.


My version is super simple. I was a little skeptical about using tile, thinking it might make it slippery and then I’d have spills or broken glasses. I just chose to use wood and a basic letter sticker for each of my girls names and then added wooden feet. Voila! What took me so long to make this? I bought my supplies at Michael’s and already had modge podge and stickers. So, the wood and wooden feet only cost me $9 total and if I’m being honest, I actually bought a couple of stickers too. ALWAYS use a coupon, they are so easy to pull up on your phone. No reason to pay full price. I also use my husband’s teacher discount and that gives me another 15% off. Basically, I stuck the stickers on the wood plank and sprayed modge podge over it. Let it dry for 15 minutes and then you can glue the feet on. I changed my mind for now and left it without the feet.


Super Easy and makes an organized spot for the kids to put their cups.


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Yes, I Ticketed my Teen for Not Listening!

I would like to think that this is part of the crafty side of this blog. Of course, maybe that’s up for debate. However, disciplining or reminding teens to do things does require a bit of creativity if I’m not going to continually yell at them or give up and do something myself instead of making them follow through.

I was pretty creative when they were little and I had a family store where the kids could buy little trinkets or privileges with family money (fake $) that they earned for good behavior or chores. As they’ve gotten older they haven’t really responded to the family money because they want the real stuff.

I find myself getting stressed out from the 2 older kids not listening. Every morning they need to eat breakfast and make their lunch for school. Now I used to make it for them but due to health issues the past couple years I have barely been able to take care of myself. Besides at 16 and 17 they should really learn skills to live. These sound like pretty easy tasks for teenagers, but every morning there I am telling them a count down of we leave in 15 minutes,  10 minutes,  etc and do you have a lunch? Most of the time the answer is no and we HAVE to leave on time to get 2 other children to their schools and myself to work. So they either rush grabbing some bogus thing they call a lunch or lately they resort to lying to me.

I decided that it’s not my problem to remind them and nag them. They are old enough to remember simple instructions and if they don’t take a lunch then they don’t eat. This was hard for me but hey, I survived and I hardly ever ate lunch at school and they’re not little kids anymore.

Along with that unnecessary stress that I was causing myself with the lunch ordeal I am constantly telling them to put their clean clothes away. They usually don’t and it ends up on the floor which makes me irate to see that they don’t care enough to take the little step of putting it away. So, you know how that ends. ..I see folded laundry in the dirty clothes hamper or clothes that I know they didn’t wear in there, but now it smells from being with dirty clothes. It’s such a waste of time and resources and it is so disrespectful.

My new tactic is this ticket. We’ll see this evening if it’s successful. The only reason I put 8pm as a deadline is because she’s at cheer until 5:30 or 6 and will need to eat dinner (after starving all day) and the point is for her to be successful and not set her up to fail the task. Yes I blacked out her name to protect the guilty but if you know us at all, you know who it is.


I hope I’ve found another parenting winner here. Updates to follow.


All my pillows are flat! Time to fix that without buying even more pillows.

All my pillows are flat!  timed to fix that without buying even more pillows.

One of my pillows looking like a bag of potato chips.

I can’t stand it when you lay your head on a pillow and there’s a fluffy part on each side of your face and nothing in the middle under your head.

I’ve bought several pillows trying to get one that wouldn’t do that. Instead of wasting more money and buying another pillow,  I decided to take two and make it into one.

(Ignore gross yellow marks on pillow. That’s another project.  Also, my sewing was sloppy cause I honestly didn’t think it would work).

The results were great! I simply cut the top of both the pillows and took the stuffing out of one and put it in the other. Then I sewed it up and viola! A nice fluffy pillow to support my head. I slept on this last night and it was heaven!