Fall & Thanksgiving Wreath

I love these mesh wreaths lately. They are so easy to make and absolutely adorable and with Michael’s coupons they are pretty cheap to make too!

The 2 pack of gold mesh was cheaper than buying one with the sale going on…SCORE!


You’ll need the metal wreath frame, approximately $3, colored mesh in appropriate colors, on sale you can get them for $5 each, ribbon or decor to go with the theme of your wreath.


I was pretty disappointed to find out that there were no more Thanksgiving decorations or Fall decor at Michael’s and it’s only November 16th. I was told they had to make room for the Christmas decor. Disappointing.

I happened to have a whole lot of ribbon and some Fall foliage that I can incorporate into the Fall/Thanksgiving wreath since I have every craft item you could imagine in my garage (hence the concussion from previous post).

Gather the mesh and take twisty ties or pipe cleaner to attach to the outside part of the metal wreath form.


Then gather another bunch and attach to the inner part of the metal wreath form.

Alternate back and forth with just one color. Don’t worry that it looks sparse since it will start to fill in when you start with the 2nd color and even more so with the decor you will add in.  With the 2nd color I start with the inside of the wreath so it’s the opposite of the 1st color.


It will start looking nice and full.  Add in your decor securing with your twisty ties or pipe cleaner. If you need to fluff out the mesh, that’s the great part of this mesh stuff.

That’s it! It’s so easy and beautiful.20151117_152444



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