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Summer Solution: Too many cups

With summer looming, I was thinking about all those extra dishes and pretty much everything being left out by my four kiddos. It can get pretty messy and cluttered around this joint. I’ve seen a pin on Pinterest before that is similar to what I’m putting together, but of course I didn’t pin it at the time. So, pretty much it’s lost in Pinterest outer space. The project is a designated place to put your cup so that you keep reusing the same one instead of setting it down and grabbing a new one every time you need a drink of water. I’ve actually wanted to do this for a long time and the bonus of not working at the moment is going through my Pinterest boards and choosing crafts to do. Yippee! So, the pin I’ve seen is tiles glued on top of wood and you can customize it with paint or stickers or whatever.


My version is super simple. I was a little skeptical about using tile, thinking it might make it slippery and then I’d have spills or broken glasses. I just chose to use wood and a basic letter sticker for each of my girls names and then added wooden feet. Voila! What took me so long to make this? I bought my supplies at Michael’s and already had modge podge and stickers. So, the wood and wooden feet only cost me $9 total and if I’m being honest, I actually bought a couple of stickers too. ALWAYS use a coupon, they are so easy to pull up on your phone. No reason to pay full price. I also use my husband’s teacher discount and that gives me another 15% off. Basically, I stuck the stickers on the wood plank and sprayed modge podge over it. Let it dry for 15 minutes and then you can glue the feet on. I changed my mind for now and left it without the feet.


Super Easy and makes an organized spot for the kids to put their cups.