A Very Curious Saleswoman

Today I went to Macy’s to pick up some new make-up from Benefit that is gluten-free.  I asked to see the box that the make-up comes in so I could check for gluten in the ingredients list.  The woman was surprised and asked if my allergies were really that bad that I have to watch for gluten in things other than food. I told her that I have Celiac Disease and that yes, I have to watch for gluten in all products in case I ingest them and the still unknown of products potentially absorbing into my skin. She was amazed and had tons of questions all of a sudden. She went behind the counter to pull out a cosmetic dictionary, a thing I didn’t even know existed. I told her that I had questions about the tocopheral acetate (vitamin E), because it can be wheat derived. We looked it up and learned that the version Benefit uses is vegetable plant derived and free from wheat. She was so excited to be learning something new and I was relieved that someone was so willing to help me and make sure that I was going to stay safe.

After ringing me up she continued to have lots of questions; asking me what sort of symptoms I had, how many times I have to use the restroom and what kind of pain I felt after eating. She kept saying I’m sorry if this is too personal, but that her boyfriend is almost always in pain after eating. She wanted to know how I was able to be diagnosed and what had I asked for as far as testing. I let her know that I am pretty well monitored because of having a brain tumor removed a couple of years ago. She told me that she needs a new endocrinologist and I let her know that there is a great one right down the street. I told her the name of my endocrinologist and gastroenterolgist so she could make an appointment for herself and boyfriend. It’s so funny how you meet people and connect and can help someone out. I’m grateful to be able to provide information to anyone in need and feel blessed when someone else shares their knowledge with me as well.

On another note, this is my delicious, quick lunch! Prosciutto, sharp white cheddar cheese, arugula and Annie’s chive and lemon dressing. Make sure you check your packaged meats to see if they contain gluten.



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