Teriyaki Tofu & Rice & SO HUNGRY TODAY

Today I was starving. I ate all meals and several snacks but just couldn’t fill my belly. Maybe it’s because I’m not eating all those crazy carbs or maybe it’s because I’m working out hard or both. I just didn’t feel complete until I stuffed myself with a mixture of last night’s chili and cream cheese with tortilla chips. Now I feel bloated and so full. I’m sure this satisfying feeling is going to take some getting used to. I’m used to feeling overstuffed, bloated and in pain and that’s when I know I’m done eating and full. It’s sad really.

So tonight I made tofu, veggies and rice. Quick,  easy and not as great as a breaded fried chicken dish ;).


Cube and brown tofu. Add Gluten free teriyaki sauce. I cooked up a bag of frozen veggies. Serve with rice.


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