Rough Start

My morning start was just not fantastic and it’s starts like those that remind me that I am a sick person. Ugh. I was busy chastising one of my teens and not paying attention while putting on my mascara and stabbed myself in the eye. Yes, that hurts. But for me, lacking enough cortisol to help me in a flight-or-fight or any kind of emergency/injury, I immediately starting throwing up. Yuck. It took about 15 minutes of constant heaving all the while trying to deep breath to calm my nervous system a bit and laying on the floor. Talk about dramatic. My body that is, not the real me. 🙂

Unfortunately I had to medicate to be able to peel myself off the floor and go to work. Not my favorite, but, it is what it is.

The rest of my morning has been perfectly splendid. The attendance lady is out today so I had to substitute for her most of the morning. I love interacting with all the kids, just stay back if you’re sick. I even had a parent ask how she could request that I am always at the front because of my cheerful demeanor and that it makes it so much more pleasant to deal with. So, yay. Warm fuzzies. I’ll take it.


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