Down to 5mg of steroids!

Written April 2014, published Jan. ’15

I’m on my second day of 5 milligrams of steroid. It’s been going good so far which surprises me. The one thing I’ve noticed is that I’m extremely tired. So tired that Juan and the kids talk to me in the morning and I have no recollection of the conversation. As well as, falling asleep mid-sentence. The upside is that I seem to have my normal energy levels by lunchtime. I thought for sure it would be terribly hard when I got down to 5 mg. I had a massive headache yesterday but no aches in my joints or muscles and no anxiety throughout the day. I did have a nightmare last night of someone trying to kill me and I woke up in an anxiety attack but nothing that Ativan couldn’t solve. Looking forward to testing tomorrow morning to see if I’m producing cortisol on my own and if so, how much? It’s an exciting time.


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