All my pillows are flat! Time to fix that without buying even more pillows.

All my pillows are flat!  timed to fix that without buying even more pillows.

One of my pillows looking like a bag of potato chips.

I can’t stand it when you lay your head on a pillow and there’s a fluffy part on each side of your face and nothing in the middle under your head.

I’ve bought several pillows trying to get one that wouldn’t do that. Instead of wasting more money and buying another pillow,  I decided to take two and make it into one.

(Ignore gross yellow marks on pillow. That’s another project.  Also, my sewing was sloppy cause I honestly didn’t think it would work).

The results were great! I simply cut the top of both the pillows and took the stuffing out of one and put it in the other. Then I sewed it up and viola! A nice fluffy pillow to support my head. I slept on this last night and it was heaven!